Welcome to Sevenhills Estates

Welcome to Sevenhills Estates

Fabulous interiors, generous room sizes, handy locations and an efficient service – that’s what we do. In the words of our tenants:

“A genuinely caring and outstanding company. You’ll be hard pressed to find a landlord as considerate and understanding, when dealing with Seven Hills, you really feel valued.”
Rhys, 2nd year Business Management

“Hassle-free bills-included rent & super speedy response to any maintenance problems with a seven hills property are just 2 of the reasons I have chosen to rent a student property for a 2nd year in a row.”
Jamie, 2nd year Psychology

“Sevenhills Estates has provided a professional, yet comfortable, service which has made my experience of renting my first house easier than expected. The service has been to such a great standard that I’ve chosen to use them again for my final year at university!”
Connor, 2nd year History

“Overall, I am very satisfied with the Sevenhills Estates service. There are always available to help with any issue regarding the properties or other formalities. One of the things which I liked the most while I was a tenant in this property service was the friendly welcome and the all year support……. One of the reasons why my adaptation in Sheffield was so successful was mainly because of the nice and safe environment where the property was located”.
Cindy, 1st Year European and International Law

“Very friendly landlord and it’s great living so close to Uni!”
Callum, 2nd Year Aerospace Engineering

“First class professionalism and genuinely care about their tenants”
Elliott, 2nd Year Sociology

“The staffs of Sevenhills are very friendly and can be approached with any problems related to the rent or property, which they deal with fairly and professionally”.
Justin, 4th Year Chemical Engineering

What I mostly enjoyed about staying here was that someone was in the office almost at all times in case we needed help with something. The landlord is friendly and willingly to hear your requests or suggestions….”
Silvia, 1st Year International and European Law

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